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Survival Map Reset 18 days ago

Because survival map is becoming more and more non playable, we have decided to reset survival map. This will happen by end of 25.5.2020.

What does it mean?

In 26.5.2020 there will be newly generated map with regenerated mines, biomes and everything. But players will NOT lose theirs money. Your homes, lands and inventories will be cleared. You can pass one Shulker Bot with your items to new world (see down).
Tuesday day of updates

We are preparing some survival updates. More commands? - YES. We are preparing Smith to allow ...

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CubeMC SkyWars Event 3 months ago

SkyWars Team map

Today is third and last event day. We was asked to create SkyWars event. And so we do!

We will end this event tour with something other than BestBuilder Event. We have prepared SkyWars solo and team.

The price of this event will be bigger than others. We will count points from all this weeks events and first 4 players will win access to beta releases (they will become beta-testers).

But this is not end! We are working on full featured minigames that will be launch in summer. We will try to suit everyone and offer you best game experience ever. Next plan...

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Hello! We have decided to create Best Builder event this Sunday.

If you ever wanted to competete in building and challenging yourself to build best structure, you are on right place. This Sunday we want to find best builder in our mcpe community! Our staff members and builders will competete too. If you think you are better try to beat us 😉

We will share more informations as where and exactly when on our discord.

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Survival spawn

Hello everyone, Im happy to inform you, that CubeMC Survival was released!

Our game is focused on stability and great game experience. We are actively working on game development and updates. But our main idea is creating minigame server (and we are working on it). We believe it will be released by beginning of summer holidays. We will come with our own minigames too. But don't worry classic minigames as UHC Run, Hide & Seek or SkyWars will be here too. Those who want to play in team will be able to try our advanced party system. We are opened any new ideas, so let us kn...

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