CubeMC minigames and survival are proggressive game modes. By completing challenges or collecting game experience players can get lot of in-game perks. There are also features or costumes that can only be payed by real money. Here is how our shop system works: To buy goods from our store, you must be registered on our website. If you aren't registered, register [here](https://cubedmc.eu/user/register). Every user can charge credit and use it to buy packages from the store. ## Payment Methods: ### PayPal There are no additional fees when paying by paypal. You can instantly charge your credit [here](https://cubedmc.eu/shop/offers/paypal). ### PaysafeCard You can use prepaid PaysafeCards to charge credit. This payment is considered as manual. While selecting paysafecard payment method, you will be asked to enter card PIN. **Share your PIN only on [this](https://cubedmc.eu/shop/offers/paysafecardmanual) page!** We will manually verify the paysafecard and than add your credit. Validation of PaysafeCard may took us some time. You can hurry us though discord support ticket. **If you will use PaysafeCard as payment method, the price assigned to your account will decrease by 10%!!** ### Other Methods If you are interested in any of our offers but you are unable to use one of mentioned methods, you can open support ticket on our Discord server - [discord/cubedmc](https://cubedmc.eu/discord).
Please check if you have entered right server address and port. You can use "play" button on top of the page to add server automatically. If you see **Outdated Server** message, our server is probably not supporting latest game version. We updates our network as fast as possible. But please be patient. Alternatively you can downgrade your game version. If you see **Outdated Client** message, please update your game. We are currently supporting all versions since Minecraft: Bedrock 1.16.20 Sometimes our servers may be under maintenance. In this case you must wait. This usually does not take longer than 1 hour. Before every planed outage we make an announcement.
Please ensure that you have typed correctly your in-game nickname. It is uppercase sensitive. It usually takes 10 - 20 minutes till server registers your vote. If you did not get your reward after an HOUR, please open support ticket on our Discord server and we will give you reward.
We choose staff members by game activity and your communication skills. Our staff team must know fluently English language and must be player-friendly. If you are really interested and think that you can help us, please fill in Staff Application form. You can find link at the bottom of page.
We do not give bans without any reason. Usually we ban player only for some time. If you were permanently banned, please think twice before asking us to unban you. If you will not have good arguments and reasons why we should unban you, we will turn down your request. To ask for unban open support ticket in our Discord server - [discord/cubedmc](https://cubedmc.eu/discord).
Our network system allows you to change your username without loosing your game progress. However, this conditions applies: - You can **only** change your gamer-tag per same XBOX account. Joining with different XBOX account creates new profile and your progress will be lost. - You can change your username once per 5 days. Please note that only your account progress is transferred. This means your survival progress including homes, lands, inventory will *not* be transferred together with your profile.