Survival Update 1.18

Survival Update 1.18

It is not a long time ago we added Nether update with a bunch of the new blocks to our survival server, now we are adding all vanilla 1.18 features. This also includes a new world generation with extended world height, new biomes, caves & cliffs.

World update

The new chunks

All the new chunks will be generated using the latest world generation and its features. You can explore new dungeons, and lush caves and meet there a new mob.

The old chunks

The single-player game promises almost fluent transactions between the old chunks and new the new chunks. We have achieved practically the same behavior, and once the old chunks are loaded, they will slowly be populated with 1.18 features.

The process of updating already generated chunks if for performance reasons, queued and therefore it may take a bit longer. If there aren’t a lot of new chunks being generated, the server will update 10 old chunks per second.

You can update the chunks near you faster by staying at the same place for longer. The server will then prioritize your chunks over some randomly loaded ones.

Old-new chunk transitions

Some chunks on the server are generated only because players walk through them, but they are minimally modified. This typically does not generate all the chunks around that specific position. If the chunk is then loaded again, the server will try to generate missing chunks using the new world generation. By default, this would lead to big terrain differences between the old and new chunks.

To eliminate it, the server will try to update the old chunk using a new generator if there was a new chunk generated in a radius of 10 chunks. This will then trigger chunk updates on all neighbor chunks.

This can potentially interrupt your buildings if you haven’t loaded enough chunks around yet. The best way to prevent this is to update your chunks before the new ones are generated. Once the old chunk is updated, chunk transition won’t happen. Instead, you will see somewhere around more cut terrain.

What’s next?

As you may know, there was Minecraft 1.19 released not that long after 1.18. We will do a Minecraft 1.19 world update soon too! With this update, we will be targeting more on eliminating some major bugs including inventories, or implementing a new chunk cache for swift chunk loading.

New game mode

We aim to finally release a SkyWars minigame in the near future. This is going to be something different than what we have done so far. But more sneaky peeks about this later.

Pssst. We are working on something more secret in the background too!

Posted on August 7, 2022 by alemiz003