About Us

CubeMC Network is an group of people who want to create friendly-based Minecraft: Bedrock community. Our goal is to provide game experience full of creativity, fun and experience. Our team consists of designers, developers, builders and helpers. Everyone of us wants to bring something new to server. We all are working hard to create something successfull.


We focuss on not so common minigames to bring to Minecraft: Bedrock comunity something more rare. 

  • UHC Run - The game with no rules. Find resources, create tools, fight oponents and win! Fight in solo or in team.
  • Builders - Prove that you are best builder on the server. Challenge your friend and show him your skills or build with him!
  • MurderMystery - One of the players is Murder! Who? Discover this secret but do not die!

Every minigame has its own perks, kits, maps. Go and explore it! Create party with your friends and enjoy game together. Our minigames support party mode. You can be sure that your friends will join same game!


Vanilla survival, the first game mode ever. Yes, we offer the vanilla-near survival server with lot of to explore. Plenty of biomes, animals, monsters are waiting for you.

  • Survival shop - If there is an item missing you, you can find it in shop.
  • Economy friendly - Survival offers you the opportunity to get valuable items. Sell, trade them and become rich!
  • Protected arenas - Do not worry about your home, protect it.
  • Weekly updates - With every new week we release one update!
  • New blocks - Yes! We are the first non-featured survival server that supports more than standard blocks. With every week we add some of the missings blocks.


To make the game even more enjoyable we create our own content. Our team is full of creative people. We create our own skins, capes and maps. We are only on the begining of our plans, but we have already done some great projects and designs.

Capes & Skins

Our content creators creates new skins & capes by the time. You can apply this content in our server and make players arround terrified!


If you require more from the game, ranks are the right option for you. Every rank unlcoks custom perks, kits and permissions in game. You can combine ranks to get the most of it. We would like to make new partners and offer them special ranks, permissions and limited early access to our content.

Executives & Contact

You can meet whole team in game or on our Discord server. In case of any questions, issues please open ticket there.

  • The leader, developer and former of CubeMC network is Alemiz (alemiz003). Discord: Alemiz#3386
  • Content creator and designer leader is M-bile (BiasedFriend649). Discord: M-bile#2426