Survival Rules

Before start your jurney of exploring our survival server, please read our aditional survival server rules. To create friendly based survival community we are forced to strictly apply this rules.

1. Global Rules

The survival rules consist of our global rules. Not accepting, abusing this rules will be result of punishment.

2. Griefing & Stealing

Griefing player creations and stealing their items from protected region is not allowed. Players have the ability to create protected region - land where only owner-allowed players can interact. This feature helps to protect player's chests, creations from griefers. Griefing outside of protected region is not forbidden and will not be result of any punishment.

Any attempt to destroy network content will be punished by ban for 7 days, second attempt will be punished by ban for 30 days. If player will continue abusing this rule, permanent ban will be given.

3. Player killing & Raiding

On survival server player killing is allowed, however player raiding is not allowed and will be result of punishment. If you have seen player abusing this kill rules, please report him in game or on our Discord server - discord/cubedmc.

Abusing this rule will be result of 5 days ban, repeating will be punished by 10 days ban! If player will not stop abusing this rule, 30 days ban will be given!

3.1 Player Killing

While playing multiplayer survival server player deaths are normal thing. Taking loot from the death victiom is allowed. Everyone is able to activate keep-inventory feature. If player is killed by another player and this feature is enabled, tools and armor of the victim will stay in victim's inventory.

3.2 Player Raiding

Repeatively attacking or group attacking one player is forbidden. Trapping player on spawnpoint and killing him is also forbidden. Do not make players leave the server because of instant killing.

3.3 Teleport Killing

Attempts to teleport to player and killing him is not tolerated. Survival server contains tpa feature to allow player meetings or support easier player travels and not to support this kind of player raiding.

3.4 Player Warp Killing

Creating player public warps in order to catch player into trap and than kill him is forbidden. But player teleports at own risk. If player will get killed by other player, there is nothing to be done (and it is not considered as trap). If "trap warp" will be discovered, we will remove it and punish it's creator.

4. Do not scam other players

Scamming is taking money, items, work, or anything else of value from another player dishonestly. Do not create trade shop with invalid item names or wrong enchantments.

5. Building Lag Machines

Lag machines are simply untolerated on our server, CubeMC. In fact, any sort of action caused by you that harms other player's experience on the server is not allowed.

Result of creating any kind of "lag-machine" will be ban for everyone who helped to create it! Ban duration will be calculated according to ban system rules.

6. Player Reports

Players can be reported directly from the game. Report player only if any of the rules was abused. Using report system to spam us is not tolerated and will be result of 1 day ban!


Thank you for reading and respecting this survival rules. If you are unsure about survival rules, we would like to help you on our Discord server - discord/cubedmc.

We reserve the right to make changes to these rules at anytime without prior notice or consultation with the wider community, which may come into effect immediately. We may also exercise the right to ban and refuse service or limit service accessibility to any player/user at our discretion, regardless of whether they have broken the regulations listed above.

Thanks for playing on CubeMC - enjoy game!