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About Me

Head of CubeMC network. I take care about game features, servers and system.


Latest Posts

Because survival map is becoming more and more non playable, we have decided to reset survival map. This will happen by end of 25.5.2020.

What does it mean?

In 26.5.2020 there will be newly generated map with regenerated mines, biomes and everything. But players will NOT lose theirs money. Your homes, lands and inventories will be cleared.Ā You can pass one Shulker Bot with your items to new world (see down).
Tuesday day of updates

We are preparing some survival updates. More commands? - YES. We are preparing Smith to allow custom naming and enchantments. For potions we will create Witch. Since Tuesday you will receive new CubeMC cape.

I do not want to loose my progress!!

This happens on every survival server. Reset is created to make all players equal to each other. We understand that you do not want to loose your progress and are unhappy to hear this.

27.5.2020 we will do giveaway to VIP rank and cool name label. Only players from "old" survival can join - only those, who join 25.5. So be sure to check #šŸ“°updates!! By this way we want to help you pass this situation.

What is included in VIP rank?

  • Exclusive shop category
  • Higher enchant levels in incoming Smith Update
  • Unlocked more kits in incomming minigames
  • Chat perks
  • Unlocks 2 name labels
  • More & bigger lands in survival
  • Fly command

How does Shulker Box transfer work?

Since next Monday we will allow players to useĀ /box command. It will give you special shulker box. Every player can claim only one box. You must have this box in inventory before transfer.

18 days ago

Warning: This article is aplies only on testers and staff for now! As more of you have heard one of our minigames will be UhcRun. It is team or solo minigame where natural regeneration is more expensive than normaly. This game includes custom crafting recipes and other additions to help you survive. In this post I will try to give you some tips and tell you basic rules.




Game is 25 minutes long. During first 10 minutes is PVP and border damage disabled (mine time). But normal damage is still enabled!Ā  After mine time runs out border starts moving and PVP is enabled (PVP time). Last five minutes of fight are played near the spawn. Players get teleported to final fight.Ā 

Play rewards?:
Yes. Every minigame has it's own achievements and levels. Every player gets 5 points from joining game. For kill you get 10 points. Winners will get 15 points and 2500 coins.

How can I use coins?:

Coins are transfered between all minigames. You can spend it on buying custom one-time addons like kits. You can also use coins to buy cape or skin from upcoming our collections.


Craft Name How To Craft Ā 
Strings are needed to create bow, remember this recipe!
Ender Pearl
For those who love enderpearls!
Is you strategy killing players by obsidian?
Arrow Economy (x20)
Dragon Sword
Bow without arrows is unuseful!


Craft Name How To Craft Resulting Item
Sugar Canes (x4)
If you are not near sugar cane farm craft one!
Cookies are fowerful! Gives 5 sec regeneration I.
Golden Apple
Just a golden apple :D


Have you ever heard about Potion Machine? To create spells you need only Nether stars dropped from redstone.Ā 

Craft Name How To Craft Ā 

Potion Machine allows you co create potions from nether stars

From Potion Machine you can also get Enchanted Golden Apply (costs 10 stars and apple).


Your kit can be selected before game starts. Some kits can be bought other are unlocked by rank. Kits can be unlocked by experience level too. List of kits is comming soon!

2 months ago

SkyWars Team map

Today is third and last event day. We was asked to create SkyWars event. And so we do!

We will end this event tour with something other than BestBuilder Event. We have prepared SkyWars solo and team.

The price of this event will be bigger than others. We will count points from all this weeks events and first 4 players will winĀ access to beta releases (they will become beta-testers).

But this is not end! We are working on full featured minigames that will be launch in summer. We will try to suit everyone and offer you best game experience ever. Next planed event will be duringĀ Easter. Dont forget to prepare your easter egg detectors.

3 months ago

Hello, today we have finished counting votes. Here are results:

First roundĀ (build house):

  1. OnlyDeni (42 points)
  2. Vorthier (41 points)
  3. Usuratom (38 points)
  4. StudiokikotvĀ  (35 points)
  5. BiasedFriend649 (33)
  6. AliveTax21839 (32)
  7. BestHuskyDog (31)
  8. SixMarlin8479 (30)
  9. Epickiller122 (27)
  10. m3tr001 (24)
  11. ItzHonzaH (19)
  12. mifersksk (15)
  13. tyvole_aaa (10)

Second round (build farm):

  1. tyvole_aaa (21 points)
  2. OnlyDeni (20 points)
  3. Vorthier (20 points)
  4. BestHuskyDog (19 points)
  5. Studiokikotv (15)
  6. alemiz003 (15)
  7. BiasedFriend649 (10)
  8. SixMarlin8479 (unknown)

Congratulations to everyone who was competeting! šŸŽ‰šŸŽˆ
Players OnlyDeni,Ā Vorthier, Usuratom, tyvole_aaa, BestHuskyDog and Studiokikotv will get reward (Constructor label and in-game money).
You can apply your label from lobby usingĀ Social Menu orĀ in Name Label Menu.

3 months ago

We are opening event soon. To get on writeĀ /event. We will be waiting!

3 months ago