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by Alemiz » 18 days ago

Because survival map is becoming more and more non playable, we have decided to reset survival map. This will happen by end of 25.5.2020.

What does it mean?

In 26.5.2020 there will be newly generated map with regenerated mines, biomes and everything. But players will NOT lose theirs money. Your homes, lands and inventories will be cleared. You can pass one Shulker Bot with your items to new world (see down).
Tuesday day of updates

We are preparing some survival updates. More commands? - YES. We are preparing Smith to allow custom naming and enchantments. For potions we will create Witch. Since Tuesday you will receive new CubeMC cape.

I do not want to loose my progress!!

This happens on every survival server. Reset is created to make all players equal to each other. We understand that you do not want to loose your progress and are unhappy to hear this.

27.5.2020 we will do giveaway to VIP rank and cool name label. Only players from "old" survival can join - only those, who join 25.5. So be sure to check #📰updates!! By this way we want to help you pass this situation.

What is included in VIP rank?

  • Exclusive shop category
  • Higher enchant levels in incoming Smith Update
  • Unlocked more kits in incomming minigames
  • Chat perks
  • Unlocks 2 name labels
  • More & bigger lands in survival
  • Fly command

How does Shulker Box transfer work?

Since next Monday we will allow players to use /box command. It will give you special shulker box. Every player can claim only one box. You must have this box in inventory before transfer.