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by Alemiz » 3 months ago

Survival spawn

Hello everyone, Im happy to inform you, that CubeMC Survival was released!

Our game is focused on stability and great game experience. We are actively working on game development and updates. But our main idea is creating minigame server (and we are working on it). We believe it will be released by beginning of summer holidays. We will come with our own minigames too. But don't worry classic minigames as UHC Run, Hide & Seek or SkyWars will be here too. Those who want to play in team will be able to try our advanced party system. We are opened any new ideas, so let us know.

I hope you are going to enjoy time spent on our network. Dont forget to vote and get reward.
We are going to find some beta testers in next months. If you are interested check our forum for some news.

CubeMC Team